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For exceptional stays in the heart of Cognac, book a room or a suite in our luxury hotel. In our establishment, everything has been designed for the comfort of your stopovers with family, friends, as a couple or alone. Thus, you can take advantage of many 4-star services: spa, full breakfast, seminar rooms and many others.

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Cognac houses
Cognac tastings

Known throughout the world, Cognac has become an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) since 1936. We invite you to visit one of the many Cognac houses. You will be able to discover their history and participate in Cognac tastings. The most famous Cognac houses in the city are Bache-Gabrielsen, Martell, Baron Otard, Rémy Martin, Maison Boinaud, Camus, A. de Fussigny, Hennessy, Meukow, Tiffon-Braastad and many others. Learn more about exceptional know-how and their rich history.

Passionate men and women The trades around Cognac

High standards, tradition, know-how and passion are the primary qualities for working in Cognac. Discover the trades around this drink: boilermaker, cooper, nurseryman, winegrower, country broker, etc. From working in the vineyard, to sales, through distillation, cooperage and blending, meet these enthusiasts.

Walks in the vineyards Wine tourism

The “Cognac” appellation vineyard covers more than 78,000 hectares and offers six vintages. From our charming hotel, walk one of the region's many wine routes. You will have the opportunity to interact with passionate winegrowers and taste exceptional wines.

The grouping of professionals The Spirits Valley

Explore the "Spirits Valley". The latter is the association of professionals who work in the Charente Valley. Their aim is to promote regional skills and know-how. For more than 300 years, these professionals have worked and shared their passion around Cognac, but also other alcohols such as gin, vodka and whiskey. Discover a unique know-how that has survived the ages.