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Revue de Presse

Dear Isabelle – Below is the link to another article from our Cognac media tour last year that has a very nice recommendation of your hotel. The article appears in Fodors, one of the top travel web sites in the US. Our media guests had a wonderful experience at the Francois Premier, and we are so glad that we stayed with you instead of other properties, and cannot say enough about how accommodating your were to our group.
We now consider the Francois Premier to the be the “Official Hotel’ of the Distilled Spirits Council semi-annual US media tour of Cognac. Feel free to promote this designation.
Thank you again for your warm hospitality.
Best regards – Frank
Frank Coleman
Senior Vice President
Public Affairs and Communications
Distilled Spirits Council
of the United States

   Sud Ouest 9 novembre 2012
   Coktail de Luxe magazine N°9
   Charente Libre 19 décembre 2012
   Charente Libre 4 février 2013

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